My friend here has some good insight on this topic!

Derek Schoffstall

In our quest to bring ‘peace’ and ‘love’ to individuals, societies and nations, we have created a culture where people’s opinions are more important than truth. Those of us who once held to the truth have given into the onslaught of relativism, post-modernity and individualism. We have unwittingly accepted that catering to the needs and divergent worldviews (wrong or not) of others is humanity’s chief ambition, forgetting ourselves in the process. Time and knowledge have corroded our thoughts and perceptions.

There is obvious benefit to discussions between ideologically opposed peoples. We are able to see the perspective of another and understand how their mind relates and thinks about the world. We may even decide that their ideas are “superior” to ours, and integrate their thinking on the subject into our own worldview. There is a sincere need to respect, love and have empathy for others with differing opinions. This…

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